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hey flirt fans! we are sad to say that our time in the spotlight has ended. we are no longer selling our products on but are extremely grateful for sharing this fun experience with you. keep on flirting and as always, #playhardtoforget!!!

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The Flirt Cosmetics Flashes lash applicator looks a little like a Wite-Out tape dispenser, but its actually pre-loaded with 44 teeny strips of individual lashes, three to each set. With a few

Flirt Cosmetics Flashes Lash Applicator Review - Everyday flirt cosmetics flashes

According to the makers of FLiRT Cosmetics Flashes False Lash Applicator, perhaps not! MORE: This Sticky Strapless Bra Claims to Boost You 2 Cup Sizes! We Put It to the Test

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Flirt Flashes is a lash applicator in the shape of a Wite-Out Tape dispenser, except instead of being loaded with correction tape, it houses 44 individual lashes.

Flirt Cosmetics + Flashes Lash Applicator/Duo Adhesive

Estee Lauder-owned Flirt Cosmetics recently resurfaced with a clever new beauty tool called Flirt Flashes. While the youth-oriented cosmetics company was extremely popular back in the mid-2000s, the brand eventually faded into obscurity.